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Dog Bed

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You no longer need to squish your pet into a doll bed or shoe box. He or she can have a bed all to his or her very self. Well-made and hand-stuffed with fresh fluffy white poly-fil for superior comfort. Your puppy can stand up in it or lie down in it for naps, rests, and bedtime. It will become his favorite place to hang out.


Our Product Safety Standards:

Our toys are safety tested to the highest standards. We use all new and clean materials. Our fabrics undergo flammability tests. The seams on our beds have been randomly tested to make sure that they are well-sewn and cannot be pulled opened by children (because children can choke on loose stuffing). The beds are passed through a metal detector to make sure that no bed contains an accidental dropped needle (they are hand sewn). Our testing is conducted by U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission approved and recommended third-party laboratories to the safety specifications of the CPSC and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) regulations, the CPSCIA & ASTM F963.