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Our foundation is play with pets, pet accessories, and matching accessories for one's real pet. Our dogs are the highest quality, most realistic dogs you'll find. That's because we've spent two years of brainpower getting the model of our base dog - Just Right. We're already receiving fan mail. We are also launching a world of accessories for our dogs, and, for one's matching real dog. At the same time, we're experimenting with accessories, like 3D printable bone treats, that challenge children to play with engineering technologies. We aim to strike the right balance between ideas, innovation, and the increasingly intersecting worlds of offline + online play.

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Why people love us.

"I don't remember exactly how I found you exactly but it was through Instagram for sure. I've been following the Instagram for a while. I love the look of your toys -- very genuine and sweet appearance, just like labs!" ~ Dog owner in CA.
"Saw this on Instagram, this is one of the cutest stuffed animals I've ever seen! We bought it as a present for a friend's birthday - she loved it. My son also fell in love with the labradoodle, so we ended up buying another for him (he's almost 4)." ~ Amazon customer.
"At last! A cute and quality little puppy that comes with its own adorable puppy accessories (think American Girl for dolls). Why didn't anyone think of this sooner? So when I discovered Lollipup, I ordered all the available items from the line (Labrador, dog coat, dog bed, and dog food) for my 7 year old daughter who would love to have a real dog, but whose parents (us!) are not ready for a live animal yet. lol" ~ Online customer.

Manufacturing matters.


We manufacturer our toys with manufacturers from around the world who are leaders in their craft, leaders in their community, and leaders in common global values.   The toys that we can cost-effectively manufacturer in the U.S., we do. For example, our classic dog house boxes are manufactured by a leading corrugated manufacturer in the Northeast. Where we are able to maintain manufacturing close to home, we do, because it reflects our values of creating local jobs in our sometimes fleeting economy. 

Our dogs are designed in the U.S., and manufactured in Indonesia, with two of the largest, most established, most conscious soft toy manufacturers in the world. Why? The short version is that we were not able to get our wholesale manufacturing cost of single sewn dog in the United States below $200. And, we didn't want to make and sell toys for the 1%. We wanted our toys to be democratic. After a long & exhaustive search, we settled on a manufacturer in Indonesia, run and owned by women. They are awesome. We traveled to meet them and the rest is history. Our wooden toys, also designed in the U.S., are made in conjunction with a wooden manufacturer in China. Sometimes, the world and the media likes to hype these negative stories. We went to visit Asia & China is amazing. Hong Kong & Shenzhen China felt like the world's Silicon Valley for entrepreneurs that want to make stuff. Hong Kong is crawling with international entrepreneurs and inventors of physical things ~ sunglasses, clothes, phones, speakers, ~ it's amazing! I wish the U.S. had a Silicon Valley for makers. Our toys have been tested by Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) approved third-party testing facilities for everything required, including seam strength tests, small parts, phthalates, heavy metals, and lead. Please note that with things that are sewn and made and painted by humans, there will always be variations between items, and this is just the way these things are. All our stuffed animals and accessories are hand sewn, hand stuffed, hand molded. Our dog treats and foods are hand painted. Because they are not made by machines, no two items will be 100% identical. That said, we applied industry standard quality check processes to make sure our production batches were great.